Read This Before You Post Your First Blog Post

First of all let me greet you with a big smile and open arms ...

A very hearty congratulations to you for setting up your blog, well let's not call it a blog but heaven in disguise, a place that I believe you are going to spend a lot of your time in upcoming days.

Now, whether you are looking at your blog as a portal to earn extra money or a place to follow your passion or like me to help others, the first thing that you need to build is credibility.

Like any other business or new venture, we need to lay down the foundations first.

The old saying that "If your foundations are strong, there is nothing that can prevent you from achieving success" is very much true for our profession as bloggers.

Don't you want the readers to come back to your blog after reading your very first blog post?

There is a very famous Marketing Model that is extensively used by top brands when they venture into the markets for the first time. I'm referring to AIDA Model of Marketing which is an acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

The moment someone sees our blog or a link to it, we have captured their attention. Now, in order to generate their interest, we have to make sure that we set out something unique, something original and something that leaves an impression in the mind of the visitor. Talking specifically about the first post of your blog, this something donates to you as the life and soul of the blog. 

So, lets learn the secret to draft a super awesome first post of your blog 

How To Write Your First Blog Post

Follow these steps and see the difference yourself -


You have just started blogging. Nobody knows about you in the online world and yet you have to make them read your content, make them a subscriber and develop their trust that what you blog holds meaning and is authentic

Just like you meet someone and introduce yourself to them, in a similar fashion, try to tell your readers about yourself. Feel free to include any of these points -

  • Who are you as a person?
  • What are your professional experiences as a blogger or in general?
  • Is this your first blog or do you run any others?

Feel free to drop in a picture of yourself or share the link of personal Instagram or Linked profiles. The more you tell your readers about you, the more they will be able to bond with you.

STEP 2 - What Are You Blogging About?

Tell your audience what you are going to blog about. It helps them understand what they can expect every time they visit your website. It further, helps them understand the niche you are going to blog in. 

Further, sharing your schedule and how often you are going to post can hook people on to your blog and they may visit your blog more than once.

Try answering the following questions -
  • Why would someone come to my blog?
  • What can they gain from my blog?
  • Is there anything specific or special that I can deliver?

Try to become an expert in your niche

STEP 3 - What Are Your Blogging Goals?

Like every successful company have a defined set of mission, vision and objectives, which inform all the stakeholders of what they can expect out of the company, you should also define your blogging goals.

Start by answering the following questions -

  • What are you trying to achieve from the blog?
  • What can be expected out of the blog in the coming months?
  • Who are your posts going to help or who should find them interesting?

Stating your goals help build trust and leads to greater transparency between you and your readers. Further, stating your goals keeps you motivated to achieve them and even others would help you to reach them

STEP 4 - How To Reach Out To You?

You have to let your readers know that you are always open for any recommendation, feedback or query. In Marketing management terms, this is the first step of a process is known as Customer Relationship Management or CRM.

Convey this warm feeling and love towards your readers. Let them know how much are you interested to listen to them. 

As per your own degree of preference, you can mention the following -
  • Do you want them to comment more on your posts?
  • Do you accept Guest Posts?
  • Can they reach out to you on your personal social media or on the blog's social media?

Encourage this conversation with them. Not all readers like what they read and only via discussion can you get to know that.

Further, this helps in building a relationship with your readers which will be beneficial when you want some suggestions, ideas and feedback from them.

Writing Your First Post On Blogger/Blogspot

In case you don't want this to be your first post, then add this to your About section of the blog. That way the same information will be communicated with all those readers who want to know more about you.

Make your readers understand that you are here to help and not to sell stuff.

Now, my blogger family let me know what was your first post all about? In addition to all points mentioned above what else can be added in the first post? 

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Happy Blogging !!! Warriors !!!

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