Step By Step Guide To Setup Google Analytics On Blogspot/Blogger Blog

The first indicator that you have become serious about blogging is when you decided to track and study your website statistics or Stats on your website.

There are many tools out there in the market which can be used to track your website stats but there is none that can match Google Analytics Tool.

How To Install Google Analytics On

Follow the following step by step guide to correctly setup Google Analytics for your website

STEP 1 - Sign Up For Google Analytics

  1. Visit the official Google Analytics Website
  2. Sign-in with the email-id associated with the blog. You can also use another Email Id, but I prefer to use the one you are using on blogger
  3. Once signed up, you will be either directed to Google Analytics Dashboard or will be asked to directly create an account/property

STEP 2 - Google Analytics Account & Property Creation

  • In case you are not directly directed to account/property creation. Click On Admin (The settings like button on the bottom of left side bar

  • In the Above screen, click on  +Create Account. 

  • Continue by entering the Account Name ( I prefer to keep it on Blog's Title, for easy identification)
  • Make sure all Account Data Sharing Settings are ticked

  • Select the metrics you want to measure. For most of bloggers and website owners, it will be Web. But,in case you have an app too, you can select Web and App

  • Next Step will begin the Property Setup, within the Account
  • Enter Website Name
  • Enter URL of your website
  • Select Industry Category and Reporting Time Zone
  • A window highlighting the Terms & Conditions will pop-up. Accept Terms & Conditions. Make sure to change the country for terms and conditions as per your country

  • A new Tracking ID will be generated. Copy the Tracking ID and move over to blogger

STEP 3 - Setting Up Google Analytics On Blogger

  • Log into your blogger
  • Go to Settings -- Other
  • Paste the Tracking ID In Tab named Analytics Web Property ID
  • Click On Save Settings

Google Analytics Blogger Setup

And we are done with our setup. Make sure you follow each and every step as mentioned above and in case of doubt feel free to comment below

The traffic generally starts reporting within a day and you can accordingly track your website visitors and draft strategies accordingly

There are other methods of copying the code in HTML too, but the best and most streamlined method or the best performing method is the one shown above.

Blogger has an inbuilt functionality that makes it easier for us to set this up.

Hope the Step by Step guide on how to setup Google Analytics On Blogger was clear and I was able to help you with the process

Happy Blogging !! Warriors !!!

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