5 Books to Read in this Lock-down

5 Must-Read Books in this LockDown & Beyond

First, of all let me get this straight, LockDown, or no LockDown you should Read Daily. Reading has so many benefits that I can go on & on and convince you of reading, but I wouldn't do that because this particular blog is about books and yes these books are so powerful that you will start liking reading automatically, so it solves the purpose.

But before that, I would like to know:-

Why wouldn't you read? Is it Boring? Is it Time-Consuming? 

Well, I would say you have been reading all the wrong books and in fact reading in a very unproductive manner. Let me deal with the first part of the problem in this blog by suggesting you 5 awesome books that you won't be able to put down in this lockdown.

This is a cure to you, staring at your ceiling for hours and not knowing what to do.

For the second part, which is reading in the wrong manner, I shall write about it in a different blog because that's a very big and important topic in itself.

Now let's get to the 5 Books that you are waiting for. These Books are from different genres and are my favorites. I happen to read them again and again without getting bored as there is so much to learn, and every time I read them, my perspective and understanding gets enhanced.

  • Would you be interested In a Memoir?

           1) Shoe Dog By Phil Knight

Phil has an immaculate writing style that very few authors have. With his Memoir, cum Autobiography Phil gives you a deep dive into his Pre-Nike life, how it all happened - the real deal, his brief love life, and the challenges he faced while setting up Nike, which is now an esteemed and loved brand all over the world.

It astonished me that the company when it started was not even called Nike and the great swoosh logo was designed by Carolyn Davidson, a student at Portland State University for just $35. The Memoir gives great insights into the perplexity of setting up a business that you love, the process is all sweat & tears which very few know about

  • Non-Fiction - Filled with Widom & a little bit of Humour:-

        2) A Fistful of Wisdom By Om Swami 

Om swami's books are profound and filled with wisdom. He is a 21st-century monk as I like to call him. I often find myself reading his books for inspiration and personal growth. Let me give out some brief, verbatim on a couple of subtopics from his book. Hopefully, he won't sue me, he won't, he is a monk.

1) On Astrology, Om swami says  "If astrology could solve your problems, why would an astrologer's life have any problems at all?  Do you think that the world's most powerful, richest people, the greatest minds, inventors, philosophers, scientists, entrepreneurs went around consulting astrologers or fortunetellers?

Please wake up and look within you for the answers. Take control of your time and act accordingly.
That's all matters at the end of the day"

2) On the Puzzle of Life, he says " The moment you find something that inspires you, life immediately changes from a boring map to an exciting picture; revealing its adventurous and endearing side, it sifts from being a pointless exercise to a worthwhile quest. 

No matter where you are on the journey of life, there's always room for exploration, for excitement"

  • If you are looking for Peace & Happiness:-

Very few books leave a long-lasting mark on you, this is one such book. Dalai Lama with his wisdom and greatness gives out his concept of peace & Happiness, complementing him his Desmond Tutu, South African Anglican cleric, and theologian, known for his work as an anti-apartheid and human rights activist. Both of them have an amazing perspective about peace, happiness & life itself.

Here is a quote from the book:- " We create most of our suffering, so it should be logical that we also have the ability to create more joy. When it comes to personal happiness there is a lot that we as individuals can do"

  •  Non-Fiction but reads like Fiction

     4) The 48 Laws of Power By Robert Greene 

Robert Greene is one of the most talented writers out there. He writes with a lot of enthusiasm and his books read like fiction and filled with learnings. I had read this book before joining my first job, some 4 years back and it is of great help even today. 

Some of my favorite rules from the book are "Never outshine the master",  "Always say less than necessary" & "So much depends on reputation, guard it with your life"

  • Start Building Habits Today 

     5) Atomic Habits By James clear 

James has written comprehensibly about the framework of how habits are formed and shares insightful strategies for building good habits and breaking bad ones.

  Some useful tips from the book:-
  • You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.
  • The best way of building a habit is by making it part of your identity.
  • Make it easy to start: Habits are the entry point - not the goal.
  •  For example "If you want to Read 30 books"... "Read before bed every night"... "Read one page"...  Reduce a habit into a 2-minute first step. ( Break it Down)
  • Stick to the plan: "Professionals stick to the schedule, amateurs let life get in the way." Don't be a "fair-weather runner" if you want to run a lot
  •  Make it hard to do the things you want to avoid

Now that you know which are the awesome books to read in this lockdown, why waste time? 
Happy Reading!

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