How To Create An About Us Page On Blogger/Blogspot To Build Credibility

How To Create An About Us Page

The About Us Page is one of the most important pages of the blog or website.

This is because it helps you build a strong brand and places you as a go-to expert in the industry. If done right it helps your audience get connected with you leaving a deep emotion towards your website.

Have a look at our About Us Page

Interesting stuff that you can use your About Us Page For

Let us look at some amazing stuff that you can do by building a beautiful about us page -

  • Draw Organic Traffic
  • Improve Brand Image
  • Capture Email leads

There is no one perfect way of writing an About page. What really matters is the message, the motive behind the information, and the value that it will bring to your target audience.
- Neil Patel

Key Elements of An About Us Page

As Neil Patel mentioned, there is no perfect way to creating an About Us page but have a look at some of these tips as they can really help you build an amazing page.

Further, you do not need to include all these points in your blog. Figure out what works for you and accordingly, you can decide what works best for you.

1. Tell Them About Yourself/ Your Team/ Company - Storytelling

The first step is to introduce yourself to your readers. Tell them about yourself. Sharing your story is the first relation-building step, so make it a good one.

Tell them about your experiences but talk more about how you are going to use these experiences to help them be more successful or avoid certain mistakes which you did. At the end of the day, the viewers are more interested to know how you can help them.

Check out how Harsh Agarwal, the guy behind ShoutMeLoud talks about his story   

He has beautifully integrated his story with that of the blog and created 2 different About pages for Shoutmeloud. One for the website and one about himself.

I suggest you can always follow the Website version of his page to learn how to craft a story around it. 

Though I'm not a big fan of such big About pages and would often encourage others to keep it short and sweet and talk directly on point. Nonetheless, if you have a story like him you can always create an About page like his.

Focus Point: Start by introducing yourself to the readers by reciting your or your company's story.

2. Tell Your Readers How You Are Going To Help Them

This section is the gold mine of your About Us Page. Remember the fact that every one that is visiting your website is interested to know what's in for them. This is one fact that you should learn and implement as fast as possible.

After your own introduction, tell your readers what they can find on your blog and how you are committed to helping them.

Explain to your readers what they can find on your blog, your future blogging plans, and how they can use your blog daily to help themselves in many ways possible.

If are targetting certain keywords, feel free to include those in sentences. It will bring more organic juice(traffic) to your website in the long run.

Notice how Amit Agarwal highlights the keywords in his About Page 

3. Be Impactful

Try to frame the structure of the About Us Page in such a way that it delivers the message on point.

Feel free to keep your About Page short. A 500 word About Page which describes what the blog is all about or a 2-minute video explaining all about the blog is good enough to leave an amazing impact on your audience.

It's surprising to see how he has created only a 2-minute video which is a gem in itself.

You can use images or different theme colors to add to the impact the page can deliver. If you are good at CSS, then you can add some coding to introduce new designs something which makes your page attractive.

4. Leave An Action Point

So now your viewers have read your About Page... Now, what exactly do you want them to do next?

If you want them to read your blogs, ask them to do so by providing relevant links. Check out how BlogTyrant includes these links in their About Page

In case you want to build on your email list then you can offer a free e-book or a consultancy session asking them for their email id.

You can also leverage this page to create any such Call of Action.

Creating About Us Page On Blogger/Blogspot

  • Open Blogger Dashboard > Pages > Create New Page
  • Name This Page as About Us
  • Write the respective content by using the above-mentioned tips
  • Click on Publish

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Hope this guide helped you. Feel free to share with your friends

Happy Blogging !!!

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