Important Factors To Rank Well On Google

There are a lot of factors that are required to rank well on Google. But, not all of them hold the same relevancy. In this post, we will look at some of the most important factors that you need to take into consideration for taking your blog to the first page of Google Results.

The list is derived from my own experience and from information gathered by talking to other SEO experts.

Important Factors To Rank Well On Google

Now that we have a clear understanding of various SERP Features and Some basic guidelines that every website or blog should follow, we are now ready to work on these features-

NOTE FOR NEW BLOGGERS: You may be very new to the technical part and may not understand it at this point of time. But, I'm still including references and links for your future endeavors. Once you get into blogging, the day is not far where you will start picking up some technical skills

1. Page Speed

The first factor that you need to take into consideration is the Page Loading Speed or Page Speed of your website. The users usually lose interest if the page takes too much time to load and would quit your website and go over to competitors one.

Here are a few tips to optimize your Page Speed -

  • File Compression - Use Gzip to compress your HTML, CSS and JavaScript files that you add in Blogger Layout

  • Refine CSS, JavaScript and HTML Codes - In order to remove any spaces, commas and other unnecessary characters feel free to use the following tools to clean up your code before you add it website code -

  • Reduce Redirects - Each time a page is redirected, it adds additional loading time. Reduce unnecessary redirects that is try to keep it down to only 1 redirect. For all Blogger users with custom domains, one redirect from --- is already taking place. So, in addition to this add a redirect only when required

  • Optimize Images - You can use third-party software like photoshop to reduce the size of the images. If not, then try to add .JPG format of images and use .PNG format only in cases where the Image Quality matters (like for photography and travel bloggers, you should use .PNG versions)

2. Mobile User Experience 

Everyone is accessing the internet via mobiles ever since Android came into the picture. Make sure your website is highly optimized in terms of Mobile Page Layouts and Page Speed

For Google Blogger/Blogspot blogs if you are using the default templates, you do not need to worry about the Mobile Optimization Part as far as the Layout of the blog is considered. For those installing custom themes on your Blogger, kindly make sure they are mobile optimized.

But nonetheless, you may need to work on the Page Speed part of it. You can refer the above section for the same

3. Topical Content

Another very important factor to rank high on search engines is to take care of the content that you post out. Here are a few things to take care off -

  • Find and fix thin content on your website
  • Explore fewer topics in greater detail on each page
  • Improve your Authority in your niche
  • Focus on specific keywords and try to rank for them

4. URL Length

The next important factor to take into consideration is the length of your URL.
Longer The Length Of Your URL, More Difficult it is to Rank

Make sure to use the Custom Permalink option to edit your URL in Blogger and include only the most important keyword in it

5. Content-Length

The next important factor is the length of the content or how long your blog post is. 

  • Ideally longer the content, the more social shares you get and more chance of featuring on the top results
  • Short content ( ~800 to 1000 words) works best when you are trying to create on-point guides for a query or problem
Make sure you do not include fluff in your articles just to increase the word count

6. Backlinks

The staple food of SEO. 

Here are a few tips that you can keep in mind when it comes to Backlinks -

  • A strong backlinks profile outnumbers any kind of Page Metrics Profile (Keywords etc)
  • The authority of the referring domains is very important
  • Focus on Page-level backlinks to scale your pages faster

7. Brand Power & User Signal 

The latest Algorithm of Google focusses on the power of Branding. They have clearly worked on Google Relevancy Algorithm and the organic results are definitely shifting towards branding.

With special snippets available to brands and special focus being driven towards them. It is high time that every website and blogger should start focussing on Brand Building Activities

8. SSL Encryption

This is basically the HTTPS:// encryption of your Website. Google has openly confirmed that it helps in ranking in a much better way

For users who have a .blogspot domain or those who have purchased the domain from Google Domains kindly make sure the HTTPS redirect is switched ON in blogger settings

For others who have purchased the domain from Godaddy, Namecheap, Bluehost or any other domain provider kindly purchase the SSL Certificate from the seller along with Domain 

The HTTPS redirect usually does not work on third-party domain names for which you have not purchased the SSL certificate

These are some of the most important factors that you need to keep in mind in order to rank well on Google.

Spend a decent amount of time in optimizing these in order to make it to the top page.

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