What is Page Authority And How To Improve Page Authority?

What Is Page Authority?

Page Authority is another metric developed by Moz.com that predicts how well any page of your website will rank on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). The scores range from 1 to 100 and derived by taking into consideration dozens of factors. 

Like Domain Authority Score, this also uses machine learning models and algorithms to check and predict the respective score. 

Page Authority takes into consideration link counts and 40 other factors and depends on the data from the Mozscape Web Index ( This is Moz's Web Crawler, known as Dotbot, which works in a similar fashion like Googlebot and it helps them calculate both PA and DA of any website)

Page Authority does not take into consideration specific on-page elements like keyword use or content optimization.
- Moz Team

Difference Between Domain Authority and Page Authority

Page Authority predicts the individual strength of a single page of your website or blog. Whereas, Domain Authority measures the overall strength of the entire domain ( and subdomains, if you have any). 

Though similar parameters are used to calculate both of these, yet they are slightly different.

How To Correctly Use Page Authority Score?

Page Authority Score is a comparative metric that determines how well your page is performing with respect to other pages.

So, the best way to cross-check is to check what is the Page Authority of your competitors or those who are ranking on the top and then cross-reference it with your own Page Authority.

Accordingly, you can draft a strategy to beat and appear on the top of SERP.

How To Check Page Authority of any Page?

The Page Authority can be easily checked with the same Moz tools used to check the Domain Authority. 

Method 1: Moz Link Explorer


Follow the following steps -

  1. Visit Moz Link Explorer
  2. Create a free account on Moz
  3. Enter your Website link in the respective box and the whole backlink profile along with the Page Authority will be displayed

Method 2: SERP Analysis Section of MOZ Keyword Explorer


Follow the following steps -

  1.  Visit Moz Keyword Explorer
  2. Create a free account at Moz
  3. Once you have logged in, Go to SERP Analysis section under Keyword Research
  4. Enter your URL to get information about keywords and Page Authority

You can also use this tool to search 10 keywords in a month (from the free account).

Method 3: Install MozBar - Free Moz Google Chrome Extension

This is one of the best and fastest methods to instantly check the Page Authority of any Page you visit. 

You will be able to see Domain Authority and Page Authority of any blog you visit as well as on the Google Search Page

Here is the Page Authority of one of the articles on Investopedia


Also, for a simple Google search about "Best Places To Visit In Mumbai", here is a snapshot of the search page


As you can see the Page Authority is reflected for pages

If you do a google search on "How To Check Your Page Authority Score", multiple websites will come up. But, I always suggest using Moz to check the PA as it is created by them and it is the only authentic source.

What is the best way to Improve Page Authority?

The best way to improve PA is to improve its link profile. This means try to get external links from other high authority pages which in turn will pass on the confidence to your page.

For example, one of our new post - Why Can't You Print More Money? has a PA of 4 (at the time when this article was published). Suppose, a blog with a PA of 10 decides to refer the article by adding a link of it on its page, then the link authority will pass on to our page and our PA will jump up.

Please note, the above example is an ideal scenario. Moz will take into consideration a lot of other factors too. But this one is the best way to increase your PA

So, work on getting some external links from related high-quality pages

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